Something on your mind?

Drop a message on our private comms channel, and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

We’re happy to take both criticism, praise and everything else in between… so long as it’s legal… on most planets.

What we’re actively looking for, however, are topics to cover. We are only now starting to delve into the rich lore of the ‘verse, thus it might take us a while to begin producing content on a regular basis. That is where you, the viewer, come in, as we will be more than happy to hear what you want to know more about, or have deemed too interesting not to cover. Lore, dev and community-related material alike, past, present or future events, your personal project, a friend’s project.

Whilst we will be doing most of the “heavy lifting” (read: heavy lifting of our fingers off our keyboards), we do plan to involve the community in future coverage. Think of this as an agent network. So here’s hoping we can earn your trust and keep it.

*citizen out*