New developments

The last couple of days since the first briefing came out, have been rather eventful.

To begin with, I became we, as the crew of ctzn[news] now numbers two. We appear to be seeing eye to eye on most subjects, so a productive collaboration comes forth as inevitable.

Translation: New person is cool. We’re clicking as a team.

On the side of production, we have begun amassing multimedia resources which will help us in the process of content creation.

Translation: We’re combing the RSI website for images and articles.

Speaking of content, we have already been approached as providers of coverage, but of what or whom, shall remain a secret for now. There is also a more traditional news report in the works, focused on the recently announced HuXa trade agreement, and its implications for UEE diplomatic relationships. As alluded to in our first post however, the release schedule of our content will be somewhat irregular, so we hope you will bare with us as we carve ourselves a routine. Currently, the plan is to cater to our audience in a flexible matter, by providing video for the viewers, audio for the listeners and articles for the readers, wherever possible all three at once.

Translation: We’re working. Be patient please.

As the more eagle-eyed amongst you may have notices, is no more. Well, no more, as in no more necessary. It will still work and redirect to this website, but as of a few hours ago, we’re the proud owners of . A most satisfying accomplishment.

Translation: Epic new domain.

With this, today’s update concludes. Our project is gaining speed, and gives all indication of willing to become successful, so prepare accordingly.

*citizen out*

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